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Proposal for Irrigating the Garden

Outline of plans

With three 1000 litre IBC containers in place, it becomes an easy matter to lay out a drip-feed system to irrigate the garden beds.

Plants take up water through their roots. As seen in images, half inch piping can be easily laid out to connect from each of the three tanks to run along the sides of each bed. These would in turn feed into small one-quarter inch drip feed pipes to provide a simple watering system to get to the roots of the plants. This system would undoubtedly conserve water as it greatly reduces run-off and is directly targeted to individual plants.
The Thursday Group garden is 10 m long by 4 m wide, with 18 furrows and 200 plants
The Friday Group garden is 9 m long by 2.7 m wide, with 18 furrows and 100 plants
Ma Aye's plot is 5 m by 4 m
Mia Kin's plot is 8 m by 2 m
The remaining side plot is 8m by 2m
Rom's beds are 2 m by 1.5m
Frank's beds are 6 m by 1.5m
Possible total requirements to drip-irrigate this area would be approximately 50 m of half inch PVC tubing; 150 m plus of 1/4 inch PVC tubing; plus assorted drippers, hole punch, connectors or various sorts.

One important aspect of creating this system would probably be the need to also mulch everything with sugar cane mulch and to also remember that the Tiller machine could not be used on the beds without carefully removing the drip tubes first.
This project also provides a good opportunity for partnership with HACN as an activity for the Seniors and others to further participate.

Price Guide for parts: (click to enlarge):

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